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by on August 29, 2011

Hawaii Mobile Marketing Gives Instant Contact To Your Customers


Hawaii Mobile Marketing Is Perfect For Tourist Locations

The mobile market is estimated to be about four times the size of the online internet market,

offering a largely untapped and lucrative market for your Hawaii Mobile Marketing campaigns.

 The pros at Hawaii Mobile Marketing can help your organization create or extend your mobile marketing campaigns.

 Hawaii Mobile Marketing Works Great For Restaurants and Bars

Mobile marketing is an interactive, personalized medium offering opportunities

 for your marketing efforts to provide big pay-offs. Successfully integrating mobile

 technology into your marketing campaigns can provide consumers with access

 to your company’s discounts, coupons, special offers, event alerts, and product release information.



 Hawaii Mobile Marketing Has Major Benefits

Here are six major benefits that mobile marketing provides for your business:


Anytime and anywhere


Smart phones can receive any information instantly anywhere there is a wireless signal,

 making it easier for the marketers to maintain and strengthen their relationship

 with their current clients and prospective clients.


Large user base


There are about four times more mobile phone users than there are internet users,

which represents a largely untapped audience that is receptive to current and relevant products and services.


Targeted advertising


Mobile advertising can not only target a specific group of users that want to stay in touch

 with your company, but can also target users in a specific location. The broad availability of GPS-enabled smart phones,

plus platforms like Apple’s iPhone and Android devices makes location-based marketing a reality.




Mobile marketing is a two-way conversation, it encourages members of your campaign

 to respond and interact with each other, especially when they are on-the-go.


Retention and Opt-Ins


Mobile users are more receptive to opt-ins allowing you to stay in touch with

current and prospective clients for on-going marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.




Mobile marketing campaigns supported by the latest software and systems

 ensure message delivery and allow you to track details like response rate based on location.



The highly advanced features of the mobile marketing have made it possible for

 the businesses to reach millions of consumers in just a few  seconds, in stark contrast

 to more traditional advertising which are often more expensive and slow to generate results from your marketing efforts.


Don’t wait – contact Hawaii Mobile Marketing today for to take advantage of the largely untapped mobile market.


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