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by on August 29, 2011

Hawaii Google Places Will Help Your Local Business


Stop!! It is time for you to get your Hawaii Google Places, and Google Mobile Listing.

Half of internet traffic is expected to come from mobile devices by late 2011. 

 Your Google Places page is set up to show up properly on people cell phones,

 which will give you access to this rapidly growing class of customers.

 Most of your competitors, even those with sophisticated websites are probably not set up

 to be viewed properly on cell phones – a real advantage to those who are wise enough

to take quick action. Hawaii Google Places can help your business get listed on Google Places.

Hawaii Google Places For Your Local Market


For businesses serving their local market, advertising and reaching your clients  has gotten easier -

 at least  for those savvy enough to take advantage of the huge marketing gift Google offers through its Google Places service.


It is remarkable is the fact that Google Places has essentially created pages not only for those businesses

 who already have web sites, but for millions of businesses that don’t have a web presence.

 The trick though is to claim your web page and, once claimed, to get them to appear in the search results for your local market.



Hawaii Google Places Can Be Claimed Today

Claiming your Hawaii Google Places Listing  is easy, yet staying on top of the local market requires some extra steps.

 Start by filling out your company’s information as completely as possible.

 Get testimonials from other sources and get reviews to maintain top positioning. 


For most businesses, the initial challenge is to get their business information to the 100% complete level.

 Since less than 3% of all Google pages have been claimed so far, you may already find your business already on the first page of Google.

 If your business is not already on the first page, you can significantly increase your chances of getting there just by claiming your site.

 As more and more businesses claim their sites, those who do the best job of completing their

information are likely to be ranked higher than those who only do a partial job.

 It Pays To Complete 100% Your Hawaii Google Places Listing

If you fill in just the basics that include company name, street address, city, town, state and zip,

 plus your main phone you will get credit for 40% completion. Adding your website and email address

 adds another 15%. If you don’t have a web site,  set up a Squidoo page or even a Facebook fan page

and enter its URL for your company’s web site because your site’s address is worth 10% so it’s important

 to get a web address of some sort. It’s estimated that as many as 50% of small businesses do not have a web site.

 Entering  any type of description of your business adds another 5%,

but don’t strive just to get the 5%. Provide enough information to let your prospective customers know what you can do for them.

 Ensure you add hours of operation, even if you don’t really have hours of operation,

 since you get an extra 5% for that information. You’ll get another 5% for setting  any of the payment options too.


All of this is straight forward, yet Google and its users love pictures and videos.

You’ll find space for 10 pictures and they want you to use all ten slots to get full credit.

 So get out your digital camera and take pictures of your logo, your front door, yourself, your staff,

 your product, yourself at work or what ever. Clearly the more business and value-related these pictures are,

 the better they will convert your prospective customers into paying customers.


Your photos don’t have to professional, studio-quality pictures, yet  the better the image,

the better the impression. This rule is also true for the last big hurdle: video.

 Add one video to get full credit – your video can be as simple as a quick video made

 using your digital camera or phone, to something more sophisticated like a power point

 presentation that outlines the reasons someone would want to do business with you.


Finally, there is a place for additional details – entering a one line statement adds 6% to your completion score.

 Your first objective is to claim your site, followed by  filling in details about your business

 as much as you can. Go back and improve the quality of the content next. Once you are done, you will have a Hawaii Google Places Site that will show off your business.

 The experts at Hawaii Google Places optimize your Google Places listings, allowing you to focus on your business. Contact Hawaii Google Places today.

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